Swelltune Fan Club

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The Swelltune Records Fan Club offers our fan club members exclusive content from musicians that have recorded on Swelltune and also friends of Swelltune Records! Exclusive interviews! Guitar lesson videos! Stories from the road! Music performances! Yay!

Before digital media changed the way people find their way to art and music, there were a TON of Record Label and Musician Fan Clubs... these fan clubs were a way to stay "in touch" with your favorite musicians and record labels and offered neat-o perks for members like membership cards, access to record releases before their official release date, and special mail-outs. We were inspired by those fan clubs, to start the Swelltune Records Fan Club.

In a world where currently a lot of people don't purchase music, and instead opt to stream it, or *ahem* simply steal it... the membership fees help offset vinyl pressing costs, and allows us to release more records than I'd be able to otherwise. Joining is a super easy way to support music, if you dig Swelltune Records!

Members receive SWELL perks...
• Access to exclusive video content not seen anywhere else!
• Option to receive all Swelltune Records releases before the general public!
• Kitschy membership cards for all fan club members!
• Free shipping codes for use at www.SwelltuneRecords.com

Support music by becoming a member! Membership fees help Swelltune continue to put out music and go on tour... fees help with studio and vinyl pressing costs and tour expenses!

Join at https://www.patreon.com/SwelltuneRecords